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pain after childbirth
post partum incontinence To provide her clients with the best care and increase the likelihood of positive results, Lizanne:

Maintains that her clients are the most important member of the health care team.

Establishes treatment goals and plans with 100% client involvement.

Provides longer sessions than most other PT's to promote a close relationship and collaborative effort toward resolving clients' problems and concerns.

Treats every client herself without the use of aides or assistants.

postpartum incontinenceWorks at the cutting edge of evidenced-based research practices in manual therapy and pain management for the treatment of pain and loss of function.

Enhances traditional physical therapy skills with skilled manual therapy and neuro-muscular re-education techniques.

Integrates her training in Somatic Psychology, the link between body and mind, in most physical therapy sessions.

postpartum physical therapy
Postpartum pain


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