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Lizanne Pastore Marin PTLizanne has expertise in treating many orthopedic and neurological conditions, but currently specializes in treating men, women, and kids with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Patient Benefits
San Rafael Physical Therapy
Marin Pain Management Noticing what habits, postures, movements, breathing patterns, gestures, and sensations (like pain) are present
  Exploring these movements or sensations in a structured and supported environment
Bay Area Pain Management Sonoma Pain Management Developing both a cognitive and bodily understanding of why these patterns might exist
  Expert and comprehensive assessment of any and all neuro-muscular-skeletal components of their problem so that we FIND THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM
  Skillful treatment with continual reassessment
  Appropriate and individualized home programs, which serve as an extension of the treatment
  Quality and up to date patient education
  Being treated as THE most important member of the health team!
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