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I came to Lizanne for chronic tailbone pain (coccydynia) that had persisted for nearly two years. In that two years, I had seen four other specialists, including a sports medicine doctor, a physical therapist, a rolfer, and a chiropractor, none of whom could offer relief for longer than the time I was in their office. I had also been to see my GP, who lead me to believe that I was just going to have to put up with the pain because “that region is tricky.”

When I finally made it in to Lizanne’s office, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. Lizanne is very thorough and takes the time to listen to understand a patient’s experience, symptoms, and concerns. Not only that, she has good intuition developed over years of helping people heal. She is an expert when it comes to disorders and pain in the pelvic floor region and has profound knowledge in how these symptoms can be tied to other contributing factors in connected areas of the body. She works with patients in order to alleviate symptoms and correct disorders in a gentle, compassionate, and skillful manner.

I went from having low grade pain all of the time with occasional flare ups to being virtually pain-free over the course of four months. Lizanne performed manual therapy on me and gave me a number of corrective exercises and stretches to do on my own. With every exercise, she took the time in the office to assure that I performed it correctly. She got to the root of the problem, and gave me the tools I needed to correct the dysfunction and improve my well-being.
Sarah S.

I am 71 and have been struggling with Overactive Bladder for many years. As it was getting worse, I went to see my OB/GYN surgeon. She recommended I try Pelvic Floor rehabilitation and referred me to Lizanne. I was skeptical but did not want to have surgery or other invasive procedures.

From the first meeting with Lizanne, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. Lizanne is very intelligent, well educated, and has a great sense of humor. She has a thorough understanding of the female body and incontinence. As she educated me, she also retrained my brain and bladder with simple procedures and biofeedback (which I loved). She taught me to relax, strengthen and change my pelvic floor. I went to see Lizanne once a week for three months, did my homework she requested and now I am no longer having problems with OAB.

To me it’s a miraculous recovery and I owe it all to Lizanne’s gentle, yet firm, guidance and therapy. I highly recommend Lizanne to anyone having any issues with incontinence.
Sallie, Educator, Paralegal (retired)

I met Lizanne after spending a year suffering from terrible back pain. I had already seen a chiropractor, an osteopath, an acupuncturist, my primary care doctor, a pain management doctor and 2 physical therapists! With the exception of my acupuncturist, ALL of them told me there was nothing they could do to help me, and that I needed to learn to live with the pain. I was offered drugs and surgery. In a last ditch effort to help me, my second PT basically handed me Lizanne’s card and wished me well!

Thank goodness he did, because she is amazing. Her evaluation was by far the most comprehensive of all. Within the first few sessions of our work together I started to get better. She never once gave up on me and in fact has helped me with other health issues not related to my disc problem. Every time I have a session with Lizanne I make progress! Her breadth of knowledge is incredible, her compassion is remarkable, and her touch is truly healing! I will forever be grateful to her!
Kelley, Primary Teacher

I went to Lizanne because of Vulvodynia, chronic pain and swelling that I had for over 10 years. Lizanne worked so methodically, meticulously, and in a very holistic way with the pain patterns in my pelvic floor muscles. I have made incredible progress working with her and after less than a year of working with her am THRILLED to be nearly pain free.
Katie, Consultant SF

After being bounced around from Internal Medicine Doctors, Rheumatologists and Physical Therapists I was finally referred to Lizanne Pastore for chronic hip, pelvic and coccyx pain. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction was diagnosed after lots of communication, a thorough exam and many tests including bio feedback. Recovery was attained through pressure point massage, stretching and education. I was able to avoid surgery and internal injections. Lizanne has a lovely way of making uncomfortable situations very approachable. I have been under her treatment for over a year and have recommended her to many friends and physicians. She has educated me on how to maintain this healthy lifestyle resulting in pain free hips for several months.
Celeste, designer and mother

It is my great pleasure to tell you what a true healer Lizanne Pastore is! She is kind, gentle and caring as well as being an expert in her field. My condition was greatly improved as a result of her work with me. I would highly recommend her for any problem that requires a Physical Therapist!

I have been an adrenaline-athlete my entire life. Hence, I have had many injuries requiring the care of many health care professionals from a multitude of specialties and skill-sets. Some injuries are very straight forward. A broken bone requires a cast, immobilization, rest, and then POOF! Good as new. Chronic Pelvic Pain has no straight forward, quick fix. There is no, “take two aspirin and you’ll be fine tomorrow.” This condition requires a healer that is not only well trained in the most current treatments but is also willing to think outside the box as well as treating every patient’s needs individually. Lizanne is by far one of the most knowledgeable, intuitive, well rounded health care professionals I have ever met, and I have met quite a few. I am far from being fixed but I am certain that my care is in the hands of the most qualified person for the job. Lizanne is a highly skilled healer with a kind, gentle persona.
Joe Horowitz-Flooring Installer

I have been working with Lizanne for almost 15 years, starting with her
hands-on help with the full recovery of the use of my left arm after breast
cancer surgery. In addition, I have congenital hip dysplasia, which has led
to multiple operations, including two hip replacements and one knee
replacement. Along the way, I have benefited from Lizanne's skill in
releasing tissues that are too tight to stretch on my own and her training
in a wide variety of physical systems. She has gone deeper than any other
therapist I have met in my long life of recovery from surgery. I trust her
with my body - and recommend her heartfelt, and intelligent way to anyone in any kind of pain.

Rev. Susan O'Connell

As a patient and physical therapist myself, I cannot recommend
Lizanne's work enough. She is both competent and kind, and her treatments make a real and immediate difference in my life.

JHL, Ph.D, and PT
San Francisco, CA

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